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Does the ‘Black African’ in its collectivity merits categorisation?. Shall we start to question the heterogeneity of this single term, as applied especially to Africans and people of African origin or antecedent in Europe?. This debate is rearing its head as challenges are arising, questioning the acceptability of a colour-based term, suggesting the invisibility of this distinct populations, the concealement of disparities in cultural identity and social-political needs

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My response to this is, for now, that application of a single notion does, OF COURSE, not mean that there are not A LOT of other characteristics of individual persons. We have the black african culture, the middle european culture, the managerial culture, the shop floor culture, the falconry culture and the intellectual culture. And A LOT more, of course. But, in the end, of course the people within differ. And taking notice of this plural differences is much enchanting. I would place the human mind and more broadly the individual and collective sensemaking of human individuals and collectives central in any organizing. IF this is being based on most sane sensemaking being based on the sole true underlying structure and nature of our universes. Which is only one and fundamental for all of social sciences and practises

replying to both ...

Africa is a vast continent made up of 54 countries and many different cultures.  According to UNESCO, well over a thousand languages exist in Africa.  The same with religious beliefs: Islam, Christianity, traditional, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucians plus some minority of people who are non-religious.  Looking more generally, Africa is mostly a collectivist society, with high Power Distance etc.  In my opinion each country and each ethnic group has its own language, customs, traditions and norms etc... that create a kaleidoscope of cultural mosaic – awaiting to be explored.  I hope we can discuss and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the African Culture.  This is as huge a topic as the size of the continent is (3+ times of the USA). I look forward to your responses. Thank you


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