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Quantum Physics of Food and Globalization ----theme of next sc.MOI

Dear sc,MOI,

I would like to challenge sc'MOI presenters to develop critical analyses of Food, Wine, and Chefs.
We have a theme this year that is a challenge for most of us in management and organizaiton studies. Our studies have been biased and skewed towards the big corporation, the globalizaiton model, and away from life on the planet. Food is beset by anti-food. Our water and seeds of life are being privatized. Our land is being turned over to rasing feed for meat production. We are on a downward spiral, without the counter-spiral that would bring balance.

The Quantum Physics of food production, nutrition, water, air, etc. is now up for grabs. Some quantum physics is being used to further the downward spiral. Some is used, not much, to create life and sustainability.

There is a "quantum food physics" which if we follow Aristotle's "On The Soul"

There are three aspects to soul, including the quantum that is not substance or quale.

And today we struggle to sort out the relation between the quantum that is substance, and the quantum that is the potentiality of life itself, its interconnectedness.

I would like to recommend several films of Vandana Shiva, a quantum physicist, and activist, who is a critic of Monsanto's GM seeds, of water privitization by Coca Cola and others, and of globalization that has lost touch with the life of the planet, biodiversity, and sustainaiblity.

Vandana Shiva Bill Moyers interview

Avery good critical analysis of global food production and Monsanto's GMO seeds, and how it has lead to more hunger, more farmer suicides, the devastation of the Earth living system

The next one has cases of Arthur Anderson calculation of water markets, more on Monsanto, and critiques of full cost of globalization of water industry

Finally, skip this next bit if you are on an animal-diet. I have no need to convert anyone. However, iff you have Netflix, then the film, 'Forks over Knives,' gives global statistics comparing the diets of countries with more and less heart disease, various cancers, and bone degeneration --- and finds that the food we eat that is processed, that is animal-based, is vastly different in health outcomes, than palnt-based food diets.

The managerialist and marketing model sells us on the idea of a high calcium, high protein diet, when the medical evidence finds that it is the excess of these in our diets that is leading USA down the road to unhealth, higher health care cost. SImple diet changes can be life-giving.

I would be dead by now, if I had not gotten my cholestoral under control, after meeting Grace Ann. While animal and plant based diet is a choice, I am not sure the there is an equl playing fielf for that choice. I was brought up to believe in the four basic food groups, then the food pyramid, etc. However, the food industry rules the food governance.

If we take the basic Baradian definition of the intra-activity of discourse with materiality, then we can say that the managerialist globalization discourse is intra-active with the food-materaility, the water-materialty, the body-materailtiy --- in ways that is increasingly destructive of life.



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David, I just noticed this but will review the references in completing my paper for the conference. I do think this will tie in well with my approach in the proposal and read an article today that addressed our water supply and carcinogens in the food supply. I might even address social justice sustainability that addresses demographic areas that have a contaminated drinking water or the food supply due to the leaching of chemicals from corporations into the food and water supply.



David, I like this Baradian definition of the intra-activity of discourse with materiality and want to add spiritual-materiality that also is increasingly destructive of life. I am also reading about concepts from the Mindful Eating Center of the AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) Linked In Group. I will incorporate this as well as I address the discourse of spiritual materiality in mindless eating.




    This is one article I will reference for the paper



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